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A Greener Toronto with Candice Batista

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Apr 23/09: Latest Cuffs & Pendants have been uploaded. Have a look!
We have had a kitten for about 6 months and only now can we begin to dare laugh about it. This is a short story titled: "The PITA Kitty and the Game of No "

With a little help for our friends
On May 17 – 19th we’ll be selling our cuffs, chains and bangles to support Toronto’s dog and cat rescues.

A big fundrasing event our friend Candice’s cat rescue has been invited to participate in.  They will be having a booth at Pawsway, , on May 17, 18, 19.   There will be over 20 dog and cat rescues invited to set up booths to sell items and raise awareness- hundreds of people are expected to attend over the three days at the Pawsway centre.  Check it out at

2 Events of Interest

 April 17/09 : Earth alert - raising environmental consciousness
Event Summary: Climate change is with us. A decade ago it was conjecture, now the future is unfolding before our eyes. Now, more than ever, Mother Earth needs us to tread as lightly on her as possible. But, how do we change the deeply embedded lifestyles and habits? Join us for an insightful workshop with him at the Multifaith centre, University of Toronto. Check event details and RSVP at .

April 18/09 : Beyond vegetarianism - a mouthful of spirituality
Event Summary : People tend to think that the way we eat is the way it always has been and the way it always will be. But food is in constant flux, traveling all over the world and taking root from one continent to the next.  Come join hands with Toronto’s bustling Vegan community and make a wish for a change in Status Quo. Employ the power of sound vibration or Kirtan yoga. Check details and RSVP at

Apr 9/09: Made 2 'art' cuffs last week and have just added them to the "Cuffs" page.

Mar 23/09:
I welcomed spring and uploaded a You Tube video to showcase the sculpture, "Wounded Tree". My first video! Check it!!

Jan 26/09: Call for Artists; I-Park Environmental Art Residency Program
Environmental artists, landscape/garden designers, other visual and performance-based artists are invited to submit proposals for site-specific works on the grounds of the 450-acre I-Park artists’ community in rural East Haddam, Connecticut (U.S.). More information on links page.

Jan 20/09: New sculpture, "The Start", inspired by one of Nature's greatest gifts, the wind and a metaphor of the 'Obama Era'. The start of the healing process as a result of the inflicted wounds of the Bush Administration.

Another Great Book for a Great Cause -  Canadian Soverignty! The Fight for Canada by David Orchard (see cover in sidebar)

It will give all Canadians courage to call Bush's bluffs and those of his Canadian annexationists lead by Harper.  To quote from the book:
"As at so many other critical times in Canadian history a remarkable individual had emerged." None that I see yet in the mainstream media but perhaps not yet on the radar, possibly, David Orchard. This widely acclaimed book has been called the "Bible of Canadian nationalism." Over four hundred years come to life in clear, vivid language, from the founding of Canada to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It sketches in a gripping and powerful way the early invasions of Canada from south of the border – in 1690, 1711, 1775 and 1812 – as well as the famous free trade elections of 1891, 1911 and 1988, and what it all means for us today.

July 26/06: See also my article, "Harper and the American Manifest Destiny"

Go to the Bookstore and check out the selection of books mainly about Arts, Environment, Social and some interesting miscellaneous subjects.
Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Searching for Savings
Wiki it, Google it, Pico it (Alter Eco search)

5% off Gifts, Home Accessories and Jewellery for each of the correct answers to the following questions:
(Does not apply to Art, Books or Gear. Does not Expire!)
1. What is Bush’s Middle name? (hint - trick question. Already?)
2. What is the title of our sculpture that is an dysphemism (wiki that one) for impeaching Bush?
3. Of the hundreds of wonderful books on the site, one of them is free - which one?
4. Which Canadian Prime Minister  sails with Jolly Roger's Scurvy Crew?
5. What cool Government show are we doing?
Email your answers and I will send you a coupon. Coupon is valid for one answer  per person for the duration of the quiz and while quantities last or can be made up.

Have fun!




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