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2008 is the year that we are expanding our corporate presence with our
 Evergreen Awards.

People are looking for meaning. More and more employees have a desire to work for companies that they can be proud of. Clients and suppliers are also looking at their relationships. Along with profit, organisations are expected to consider human rights, evaluate their impact on the environment, and on future generations. Ten years ago it was barely conceivable that serious consideration was given to the concept of a ‘triple bottom line’, economic, social and environmental , and now 45% of the world’s top companies are including them in their reports. At this point we are seeing serious consideration to include a ‘fourth bottom line’, Spiritual. 

We have created a social enterprise with a sole emphasis on environmental art. At Alter Eco we create motivational awards and gifts of appreciation from recycled materials for people that matter to your business. Our goal is to enhance your identity, values and relationships with your clients, suppliers and employees.
Alter Eco Environmental Folk Art is focussing primarily on groups that can make the greatest impact: businesses, organizations and governments.

Recycling Council of Ontario Waste Minimization Award 2007
Alter Eco receiving the Recycling Council of Ontario Waste Minimization  Gold Award 2007

Alter Eco has always been growing slowly but steadily and with this new focus I can see it becoming self-sufficient and a catalyst for change.

Our small footprint can help reduce your footprint leaving a big impression.

For people that matter to your business

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