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What have we here? Treasure?
What have we here? Treasure?

We all find ways to sustain ourselves and the myth of starving artists (ie. artists intentionally starving themselves into The Twilight Zone) is no more than an illusion, which artists are good at. Some turn to flipping burgers, some to waiting tables but this website is to generate much welcome bakshish to, at the very least, make ends meet.

A popular venture is creating designs for brand new merchandise such as T-Shirts, prints, posters, coffee and beer mugs, mousepads, etc. Marie and I have a variety of shops reflecting our various designs.

Also in the netherworld of the artist we tend to habituate worlds that ordinary people don't and the muse rewards us in other ways with affordable goodies that enable us to bring to you hidden treasures of collectibles, antiques, art (other than our own), and odds and sods.

To answer the question, yes, we do have treasures and one or so is waiting for you to discover.

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 Upon receipt of your order you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the total cost including applicable sales tax and shipping, all orders are pre-paid. Any information is strictly confidential and will not be made available to third parties for any purpose. Prices are in Canadian Dollars and payable to, John Warren, by PayPal, International Postal Money Order, Cheque, or Online Banking Email transfers. For conversion to other currencies we will confirm with you the most current exchange upon order for a period of two weeks.

All information you provide is strictly confidential and will not be given, or sold to any other parties.

***We have affiliated with on a commission basis and any sales from people who have been referred to Alter Eco please make sure you let us know in your email order that you found us from their "Your Daily Click" page so that we can honour our arrangement with them.
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